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TSM Timeline 2001


Some would say that it was at last January's Sundance Film Festival that the Stone Movement got started, on the night that "Stu the Jew" was first introduced to the world during the "Donnie Darko" screening...Other's would tell you it was on July the 27th when TSM took the stage for the VERY FIRST TIME ANYWHERE @ the world famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood...Another theory has the roots of TSM spurting when Tommy McCarthy joined Stu in the studio to record the now infamous "One Crazy Bitch" sessions...Any way you look at it, 2001 will go down in history as the year the Stone Movement was born. In just 6 short months, almost 20,000 people have checked out TSM via the internet and the guys have made a run through Southern California doing live shows that lasted from July to January and included shows at EVERY MAJOR CLUB VENUE in LA, which, by the way, includes MULTIPLE visits to "the ROXY" and "The Dragon Fly" as well....All of you who have joined the ride to be a part of the movement in 2001, be proud! The word is getting out there in this next year should be VERY EXCITING for ALL of us!!

Jan - "Stu the Jew" does Sundance
     -  "The Boy Can Rhyme" is recorded

Feb  - Stu checks out of the hospital and that night records "Tradition"
       - After hearing the first 2 tracks, producer Richard "Younglord" Frierson comes
      to LA to record with Stu

Mar - Younglord sessions bring tracks: "Girls they Luv Me", "PMS" and "High"                                   

April - Stu records "One Crazy Bitch" with then N/A member Tommy McCarthy
      - Nick V. of the "Baka Boys" hears what's been done and meets with Stu

May - Stu and Nick hit the Studio and record "White Boy"
      - Stu Meets and Jams with Soul Puppet, "Why Can't we get along" is born

June - Kendra Jade hits the Studio with Stu to record "Girl I'm Gonna Miss U"
       - Nick V. and Stu have another session and come out with "The Party's Over"

July - NA disbands and Stu invites Tommy to join what will be known as "The Stone
      - Josh Grey Emmer books TSM's first ever gig at the Whisky a go go
      - CableGuyJeff begins filming "OMG 1"        
      - Because of scheduling conflicts, Stu is unable to secure a DJ for the show,
        he come up with the concept of having a live band instead. Soul Puppet is
      - 3 days before the first show Stu, Tommy and Soul Puppet rehearse for the
       very first time, at that rehearsal, an offer to sign the group is made by a major
      label, Stu declines
      - Over 200 people show up at the Whisky Show, making it one of the best
      debuts in the history of the venue
        - CableGuyJeff launches

Aug - Clothing Mogul Danny Guez (American Eagle) throws a party with Wycleff
        Jean and Jimmy Cozier, TSM is the band that performs at the Bar Fly star
        studded event
      - With the new "Rock Sound", Stu and Tommy hit the Studio and record a remix
       to "One Crazy Bitch"
      - LA promoters jump on the Movement and bookings at the Opium Den, Dragon
      Fly and Roxy are Scheduled gets its 1000th hit

Sep - During an appearance on "the Howard Stern Show" , TSM member Kendra Jade has Howard plug The Stone Movement. Within minutes, web site crashes due to excess traffic.  TSM continues to play live shows in the LA area all month, 5 year drummer
      Kalum Harrison is the latest to join the guys on stage in one of their concert

Oct - TSM returns to the "Roxy" and has special guests Eric Stretch and Danny
      -The guys play a show at the "El Ray" Theater in front of 2000 people, including
      Rolling Stone Mick Jagger

Nov - Stu begins doing production work for outside artists, with great results
     - Richard "Younglord" Frierson makes an offer, after extensive negotiations, Stu
      signs with Frierson's "Youngworld" label
     - Tommy signs a deal with radio giants, "the Lawmen"

Dec - Stu and Nick V. hit the studio yet again, the result : "Mystery Girl"
      - TSM has its first ever "fans only" party which includes the stage debut of TC
      - Stu announces plans to shoot a video for "One Crazy Bitch" and release the
      single in March 2002 as well as doing a tour of the East Coast.
      -December 31st marks the end of the first year of TSM, 19,000 hits, a fan club
      and several fan sites, Stu credits word of mouth, dedicated fans and the internet
      to the bands fast rise